Why Join the MVEMENt?

ABOUT US : MVEMENT is a House of Health that encompasses all your health needs for longevity of life.  Join us for a variety of training disciplines in a luxurious environment. We incorporate recovery & performance, physical & mental health coaching, personal training, childcare, and community.

How Do You Move?

MVEMENT Members receive a MAPS assessment grades your mobility, activation and posture while performing movements. This assessment tells us if there are any deficiencies in your body and allows us to prescribe corrective mobility exercises. Efficient movement aids performance, recovery and reduces risk for injury. MAPS assessments are performed quarterly.

What Are Your Wellness Goal, and What Are You Composed Of?

Goals are vital. Setting goals ensures total health and wellness in your life and allows us to create measurable markers that track your progress. We are here to help you meet your goals and set you up for long-term success.

Members receive a monthly 3D body composition scan that gives a complete analysis of your body. New scans overlay previous scans to show progress made.  Your goals and body composition give us a baseline to move in the right direction without guessing.

What Are Your Dietary and Exercise Needs?

Let’s take a step further and look at personal, specific metabolic needs. Our resting and active metabolic analyses give detailed nutrition and physical exercise information based on your metabolic makeup. We will accurately prescribe proper nutrition and exercise specific to you.

Your Mental Fitness

Too often mental fitness is left out of health and wellness facility offerings. Our perception reframing analysis is a non-invasive session that will bring awareness to overcoming every day obstacles and working through intense emotional life events.

Everything we do is centered around creating total wellness in mind, body and community in your life and leaving a legacy of positive social impact for generations to come.


OUR PURPOSE is to create
better minds, bodies and communities.


We're Committed

to the holistic belief that clean eating habits, pure supplements, frequent exercise and conscious community impact are the keys to a fulfilled life.

We Believe

that no one style of fitness training is superior to another or conducive for success for every person. In fact, a combination of varied workouts, intensity and styles of training may bring optimal results.

We Believe

proper recovery is just as important as proper exercise.

We Encourage

people of all ages, weight and fitness levels to join our community—and thrive in the training that works best for you.

We Believe

environment makes all the difference. That’s why we have a coffee & juice bar, a community hangout space, onsite childcare, an onsite health spa clinic with professional physicians, CrossFit, Yoga, trusted supplements, an infrared sauna, cold tubs, lounges and apparel.

We Give Back

to the community with every sale.

We Believe

it’s time to live beyond wellness.

When these core values resonate with
you, join the MVEMENT.

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